Put God in the center and everything will come together.
Romans 8:28 (via chosenjuana)
Love is an act of endless forgiveness. Love is giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. Forgiveness is the final act of love.
Beyoncé (via thequeenbey)

April 4, 2008

Beyoncé gets emotional as she thanks her husband at the end of their On the Run tour.

Just look at the love in her eyes.

omg I teared up seeing this. I hope one day I will have a relationship this sincere and full of love. 


So Jimmy, when was the last time you saw Dave Boyle?

Sean: So Jimmy, when was the last time you saw Dave? 
Jimmy: The last time I saw Dave… 
Sean : Yeah, Dave Boyle. 
Jimmy : Dave Boyle… 
Sean : Yeah Jimmy, Dave Boyle. 
Jimmy: That was twenty-five years ago, going up this street, in the back of that car.

Amazing movie. Truly a masterpiece.


i will never not be in a blissful mood after watching this

Absolutely beautiful.  One of my favorite songs. I LOVE this performance.


Never in my life have I heard/seen the word Vegas and pictures and videos of people in Vegas more than I have in the last fucking 3 months! WTF?!?!